Kamis, 13 November 2014

Road To Wedding Proposal

This special post goes out to all the men out there, who are planning on getting settled and wish to propose to the love of their life. Since this is the first time you may be doing this, you need to be prepared, if you really want to wow the girl of your dreams.

I’ve compiled a small to-do list, that would get you started and in the groove. Taking it bit by bit is the key. Don’t get overwhelmed by the extravagant proposal ideas you may find – to be honest, they were not pulled off in a day. So take your time.

Is she ready?

This is perhaps the first question you should be asking to yourself. Is she showing signs of settling down? If you are hundred percent sure, move onto the next step. And more importantly, have you talked to each other about settling the long run? Having this conversation makes you both see where you are in the relationship at the moment and if you are made for each other.

Getting the Ring

Well, better be the first task you carry out. Do not keep the ring hunting for the end, this should be the first thing on your to-do list, because once you buy your engagement ring, you are through with 80% of the proposal planning.

Perfecting the Time

You need to take time out, not just for the day you are going to propose but before that as well. Both of your lives are going to change with this decision, so better plan it when BOTH of you are comfortable. Whenever you decide to get married, make sure, both of you are into in all the way. Any little hesitance and you should wait for the perfect time to settle down.

Being Confident and Confidential

Indeed, keeping the wedding proposal planning a secret is going to involve much more than just those four words: inner strength to be more precise. Stamina and confidence to pull this off elegantly and with secrecy. The element of surprise is what is extremely necessary in a wedding proposal. Women and even men would love it if you propose to them without hinting it at all.

I hope these little tips can help you pull off an fairy tale wedding proposal. For more insights, please do let Principles in Action make your wedding proposal a magical event!

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